Carboneutral Web
First on the planet:
  • A global green web initiative to guide you in reducing energy wastage from your website and provide CO2 emissions offsets(the largest contributors to global warming).
  • Take this opportunity now and become a CNW-certified site, place the CNW logo on your site to show your customers how green you are, and follow the simple technical revamps suggested by the CNW team to demonstrate on your website the energy you are saving.
  • A true, comprehensive green initiative: Analyze – optimize - offset - accredit
CNW software continuously scans your website to monitor the site’s energy usage for each site visit. It recognizes what class of computer your visitors are using, the bandwidth rate of the user’s network, processing speed of the visitor’s computer, length of site visit and even which types of fuel are burnt to power up your website.
Based on these data, CNW instantly calculates the combined carbon emission of the servers, networks and visitors’ computers. CNW software generates real time, live reports on all of your site’s energy and CO2 savings. The offsets are updated each time a visitor views your site. CNW is the perfect invention for a totally green IT industry.
Power up your site with audited Wind and Solar Energy (Renewal Energy)

Get rid of unnecessary coding errors of your site and maximize your site’s loading speed.

Show Real time live reports on all your Energy and CO2 savings with proof of Audited Green certificates.

At no extra cost, we purchase renewal energy off sets and carbon off set certificates against your website’s
energy usage, from the world’s leading renewal energy suppliers.

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we are creating a green world...

CNW is comprised of a team of software and network engineers and a team of research scientists who have performed many studies on energy consumption of the internet and web-based applications. After years of research, the final results prove that energy usage by web-based applications has a huge impact on emissions as web sites are consuming energy when they are viewed by visitors all around the world.

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